Such fantastic styles!


Let’s face it. We don’t watch Downton Abbey for its gripping plot lines, or novel approach to story telling. We watch it for the setting, for the period details, for the clothing. But most of all we watch it for two things: Maggie Smith as The Honorable Dowager Countess Violet, and for the Hats.

Let us now watch the former fight with a chair, and also wear a hat.

Below, some of the most fabulous examples of millinery to be found on Downton Abbey.

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    • Hi, I think its called Matala. I am fascinated by the styles of that period. I have a costume hire business and at the moment we are being inundated with requests for Downton Abbey styles which link in nicely with the Titanic anniversary events taking place here in Southampton. Having some really lovely costumes made at the moment.

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