shooting blind on hindu holi, jaipur


jacob murphy's photo blog

to put it simply, holi is the hindu celebration of the triumph of good over evil. named after holika (the hindu demonness who was burnt to death) it involves throwing/rubbing brightly colored powders and water on each other. there is no mercy!! everybody is a target. but it’s all in good fun.

given the nature of the celebration, i had to completely wrap my camera in plastic for protection. as a result, i had to shoot all day guessing my exposures and frames. totally blind! it was a very interesting exercise for me. kind of like shooting from the hip, i loved it!

also, if you’d like to see what we are doing with our school donation project please visit

enjoy the pictures and please share!

these kids nailed me and took my whole bag of green color!

no one is safe.

and everyone has a great time.

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