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Quirky people!

Little London Observationist

John Kortland does know how to find some characters. Ready for a big round up of the latest Londoners? John’s captions included as well. So difficult to single out my favourites but I try!

The Whites Of His EyesThe whites of his eyes…


Golden Boots
Golden boots

 Neat Rows
Neat rows

Ooh,Suits You Sir
Ooh, suits you, sir

Exit Tony Blair
Exit Tony Blair

Blonde On Blonde
Blonde on blonde

All Fur Coat And No . . . . . . . .
All fur coat and no…..

Not For Her
Not for her

Mini Me
Mini me

Full LIfe
Full life

Something To Tell Us Charles ?
Something to tell us, Charles?

Ladies In White Coats, Here To Help. London Fashion Week
Ladies in white coats. Here to help.

Floral Wellies
Floral wellies

Forked Feather
Forked feather

Hearty Stare
Hearty stare

Good To Go
Good to go

Lick It Or Lose It
Lick it or lose it

Inscrutably Ginger
Inscrutably ginger

Study In Studs. London Fashion Week
Study in studs

How Odd
How odd

Harpo ?

That Made You Jump
That made you jump

Uncle Albert
Uncle Albert

One of these days I’m tagging along when John goes shooting… Favourites?

PS – Reached over 300,000 hits on LLO as of yesterday. Cheers for the continuous visits!

And… if you’re not already following LLO on Twitter and Facebook, now…

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the mended soul

I’ve been dreading trying to put into words the emotions I felt watching the MS Balmoral set off. I think it would be best to start off explaining the costume I created for this historic event and then to share my experience with you towards the end.

In a completely odd way my costumes were planned starting with Sunday and working my way back to the  Train outfit I wore on Friday.

So to start. Unlike my other projects were I worked with a few images in mind, my inspiration image came from the fashion magazine De Gracieuse:

I knew this costume was the one for me when I realized I owned the parasol already. The first thing I did was go to Goldhawk Road and spend too much money!

How utterly perfect did that turn out?

I wanted to try to conquer the skirt first so using the same Thornton’s…

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I am curious, sounds like a book worth searching for…

Figments of a DuTchess

Today, after work, a parcel was waiting for me on the side table in the hallway. When I came closer, a big smile spread on my face: Christine M Grote‘s book had arrived! Dancing in Heaven made it safely across the ocean.

I threw down my purse, left the groceries at the kitchen table and gently attacked the envelop.

Look at the cute page marker:

When I opened the book, I saw this message:

With a happy sigh I closed my eyes and took a moment to mentally thank Christine for this marvelous gift.

While I’m reading it, Dancing in Heaven will be on my nightstand. And after, it will find a permanent home in my bookchest, with regular sleepovers at my friends’ houses! The story of Annie will spread across the continent.

But first it’s my turn…

THANK YOU, Christine, for sharing your words and thoughts with me…

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the mended soul

And so I set off ready set off for an evening full of decadence and glamour only found in the year 1912.

The fabric literally spoke to me and commanded me to turn it into something extraordinary and so without a doubt Saturday was my favorite night!  When I bought the fabric I had a few images already in my mind. Unfortunately I had one day to pull this costume together. I will be going back and fixing quite a few of the mistakes I made but for now I will share everything with you.

The first was a sketch from Worth c. 1912:

I knew that I wanted to have the fullness at the hips but I wanted the narrow cut of the hobble skirt that was starting to become very popular.

My favorite hobble skirt gown is from a “Woman’s silk and tulle dress with hobble skirt, trimmed…

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